Wardrobe Planning: Save You Time and Money

This is a guest post by Susan Mowder.  She is the owner of The STYLE Principle, a wardrobe-styling firm based in Chicago, IL. You can find and follow her on her The Style Principle website.

Your cousin’s wedding is tomorrow night.  You RSVP-ed months ago, so best to at least make an appearance.   The invitation says “Black Tie Optional”; you have nothing to wear.  You run to the store after work, end up buying a dress that doesn’t fit quite right, isn’t a great color or style for you, and costs more than you were hoping to spend.  Chances of ever wearing this frock again – slim to none! Sound familiar?


Wardrobe Planning

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A little wardrobe planning will save you time, money, and a few headaches down the road.  The most efficient and effective way to maintain the best working wardrobe, is to actually schedule an appointment with your closet seasonally.  Two to four times a year, plan some time to review your wardrobe needs for the coming season, clear your closet of the items that are no longer working, and make a shopping list.  


Review Wardrobe Needs

  • Consider special needs for the season – events, vacations, etc.

        - Shop your closet first
           - May only need a new piece (top, accessory, etc.) as oppose to a whole new outfit

  • Consider the trends of the season 

        - Add just a splash
           - Only what you love and reflects your personal style 


Clear Out What No Longer Works

  • Goal: Increase quality of wardrobe, decrease quantity 
  • Prep your closet

        - Make sure you can see all items in your closet
        - Hang everything possible
        - Remove plastic bags, boxes, etc.
        - Invest in a shoe rack or clear boxes, so all options seen
        - Organize like items
           - Pants, blouses, day shoe, dress shoes, etc.

  • Try everything on and ask yourself –

          - Is it flattering?
           - Accentuates the positives/ detracts from the negatives
           - Good color
         - Is it in good condition?
           - Can it be repaired? Is it worth the cost?
         - Does it portray your personal style and how you wish to be perceived?
         - Do you feel great when you wear it?
           - If it holds bad memories, get rid of it
           - If it holds good memories but no longer works with your wardrobe, put in another closet or a box under the bed


Create a Shopping List

  • Core wardrobe needs
  • Replacement items
  • Special needs/ trend 

Next time that special occasion creeps up on you – no worries – you will be wardrobe ready! 

Question:  Are you wardrobe ready?    

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