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“I can't sing Diahann's praises highly enough. I hired her as a business coach with the expectation I would sharpen my overall business acumen. What I accomplished as a result of working with Diahann over the course of 9 months was so, so much more. With her guidance and training, my small business drastically changed for the better. Looking back, I can hardly recognize my business and myself from before we started. Diahann's experience speaks for itself, and she knows her stuff. There were so many great and effective things she taught me, I could go on for days. But some of the most impactful for my business were:

  • Diahann embodies the word coach. The process wasn't always easy, change never is. But she challenged me, guided me carefully, always listened to my concerns, and helped me out of more than one "pickle" (and helped me apply the lessons of those pickles).
  • She taught me tangible ways to track and monitor my sales efforts, and how to learn from both successes and failures. This has been huge for me, because it showed me where new business was coming from and where I need to focus more/less effort.
  • Diahann also helped me to take a good, hard look at my productivity and where I was falling short. The way I approach my workload, and getting things done is completely different now.

The important difference being: things get done on-time and nothing gets lost in the shuffle. I would recommend Diahann to anyone looking to find more success in their working life, from a new business owner to a CEO. She provides the important perspective of someone on the outside looking in, and can help foster the good kind of change!” – Megh

"Women so often have a perception that negotiating salary and benefits means they're "not being nice" or "not playing fair." Thanks to Diahann, I was able to negotiate successfully for my new job for the very first time because she helped me realize that it has everything to do with my sense of self-worth and nothing to do with being mercenary. I worked hard for the skills I have and I want to feel good about using them for the company I'm in--and now I do!" – Becky

"Diahann is a wonderful resource and an expert in assisting highly motivated professionals focused on growing their career. Diahann has the experience and instincts to provide thoughtful guidance in helping any professional expand their ability to effectively produce results. She is creative, analytical, professional and personable at every step. I highly recommend Diahann to any professional motivated to reach the next level."  Jonathan

"Diahann was great to work with. Having professional coaching tailored to the individual was much more valuable to me than larger sales training organizations which my company has worked with for years. Not only did I see a significant difference in performance and but my management did as well. As a result of our work together Diahann has gone on to work with other key members of our sales staff."  Calvin

"Diahann is a great business coach. She understands the challenges that business owners face and she provides great insights and advice to help you work through those challenges. She can provide you with the tools and guidance to take your business (or career) to the next level."  Allison

I didn't have a strategic outlook and approach to my position.  Diahann changed all that.  We worked together for several months of active coaching. I began working a personal development plan and personal marketing campaign.   Diahann invested herself in my success which resulted in my promotion achievement.– Jill

"I thought I was at the top of my game.  I had a big job and made a lot of money. After watching the Olympics and countless athletes being interviewed, I realized I was lazy - I was out of mental condition.  I immediately interviewed countless coaches and ultimatley selected Diahann. She listens to me. She helps me sharpen my skills. She holds me accountable for my goals.  I accomplish more because of her. My career is skyrocketing, and I will not be without her wisdom and guidance again." – Jeff

"You want someone to stretch your brain power?  Then you want Diahann.  She sees things in me that I cannot see.  Having someone in my corner that is as invested in my success as I am is like stacking the deck.  Because of her, I make more money, get more done, and have more time.  I'm a triple threat.– John

"I often meet people who are executive coaches, but I never seriously considered working with one until I met Diahann. I was initially struck by how smart and personable Diahann is. I also loved that she isn’t a pushy salesperson (so many professionals are quick to tell you what they can do for you without asking you a single question). Diahann listened and really understood where I was struggling in by business before we began working together. She brings corporate expertise and experience as an entrepreneur to her coaching practice so she knows what it’s like to climb the corporate ladder, as well as the demands of running your own business. Diahann is an amazing networker, she is honest, and she is very serious about helping her clients attain the goals they set for themselves and holding them accountable for doing their part. The assessments, tools, and templates Diahann shared with helped me get unstuck and helped me establish stronger business operations over time. I still use much of what I learned with Diahann and my engagement with her is paying dividends a year later. To say I really appreciate and value Diahann’s coaching, and Diahann as a person, is an understatement! I highly recommend her!" - Ramona

"Diahann and I worked together last year and she truly changed the way I approached everything in my business. Year over year, my income more than doubled and I attribute much of that success to her coaching." – Meghan

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"If your company is looking for a dynamic presenter to help facilitate dialogue around important discussion topics, Diahann is a great choice.  Her experience in Corporate America working for and with Fortune 500 companies helps her to facilitate these important discussions in a very relaxed and engaging way." Neil, Navigant

"I enjoyed your presentation. It was a great reminder to look at a career broadly and not get narrowly focused on the work that needs to be produced that day, week or month. We need constant growth." – Charlene

"In group settings, Diahann delivers practical, immediately actionable content useful for professionals at all stages of their careers. This is very difficult, and she does it very well."  – Clare, Bernstein Global Wealth Management

I was impressed with how well you connected with our audience. The information you delivered in your session was insightful and informative.– Betty, IAAP

Diahann Boock is a dynamic presenter who offered our library patrons valuable insights on how a resume just isn't enough anymore when looking for a job. She interacted with the audience throughout the program, while providing saavy tips on how to navigate the ever-changing job market.”  – Jo, Cook Memorial Public Library, Libertyville, IL

I attended Diahann's CEO of Me conference. I found it to be very informative and fun.  Diahann really outlined the specific duties of being the CEO of Me.  One exercise had us perfect our 10 second elevator speech.  It’s tough to do, but once you have it down pat, it is very effective.   The speakers were very interesting and spoke to issues we all deal with on a day to day basis.  Those in attendance were eager to hear everything that was said and some very nice relationships and referrals have happened as a result of me attending.  I recommend it to all who want to help themselves grow and learn from some of the best.” – Francie

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I want to take the business of me to the next level!  I’m looking for an executive coach that will provide hands-on instruction, feedback and counseling to help me move my career and business forward. I need someone who will check in with me on a regular basis! I want to make more money!

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"Diahann is a wonderful resource and an expert in assisting highly motivated professionals focused on growing their career. Diahann has the experience and instincts to provide thoughtful guidance in helping any professional expand their ability to effectively produce results. She is creative, analytical, professional and personable at every step. I highly recommend Diahann to any professional motivated to reach the next level." ~ Jonathan


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