Self-Confidence and You

This is a guest post by Bonnie Ross-Parker.  She is a.k.a. “America’s Connection Diva,” is a multi-dimensional businesswoman and entrepreneur with a background in education, franchise development, publishing, mentorship, network marketing and community development. You can find and follow her on her Xperience Connections Website.

Do you have any idea how important, unique and special you are?  Do you realize there exists only one YOU?  What would keep you from acknowledging your greatness?


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Every time you share yourself and your ideas you bring value to others.  Ideas come in many forms.  They can be as simple as a suggestion, create clarity out of confusion or give insight that is transformational.  Your ideas are a reflection of who you are, how you think, what you feel and what you’ve learned from your experiences.  When you can arrive at a place that YOU matter that your ideas matter and that sharing is a way to build confidence, you become so much bigger than who you think you are! 

You are Unique

Willingness to share on any level is powerful.  There is no way of assessing the impact you have on someone else by offering them your point of view.  Each of us is unique.  You are unique. Your experiences are unique.  Your perspectives are unique.  No one has traveled your road, been faced with your specific challenges or possesses your knowledge.  You are the only person qualified to be you.

There are times, however, that you could doubt yourself.  You make a suggestion that someone else discounts.  You share an idea you want to implement, and the response is negative.  Suddenly, you feel self-conscious and unsure.  It’s unrealistic to think that every time any of us has something to say our contribution will meet with an unquestioned approval.  Because we differ, it’s predictable that our points of view will too.  The key is to recognize you don’t have to have others’ agreement for your ideas to matter or for your value to be questioned.  You ARE valuable.  Resolve that no matter what, you possess the confidence to know you are just fine.  No one and no circumstance can ever devalue you.

All Ideas Matter

Just as it’s normal to be sensitive to another’s negativity, someone else’s response has nothing to do with you.  As long as there are people, there will always be differing points of view.  All ideas matter.  Whether someone agrees with you or not is irrelevant.  What someone thinks about you is none of your business!  We can’t possibly know the thinking, circumstances and feelings of anyone but ourselves.  All you can ever do is share with integrity, accept with compassion and go about your life in a way that best suits you.  Never let your reaction to others or their reaction to you diminish who you are. 

You are a gift.  You and your ideas have value.  Some will be well received, and others will lay dormant.  You and your ideas have value not only because they reflect who you are, but because they represent the gift you bring to others.  Choose your words with care.  Eliminate the drama in your life.   Associate with positive, energized and supportive individuals.  Share from an open heart.  Be eager to listen and to learn.  Welcome feedback.  Remember, you matter.  You make a difference.  You have no way of knowing when or where.  Just know.

Question:  What boosts your self-confidence?

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