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This is a guest post by Anna Soo Wildermuth AICI CIM.  She is the author of CHANGE ONE THING: Discover What's Holding You Back -- And Fix It. You can find and follow her on her Personal Images, Inc Website.

Most folks are not natural speakers. Jerry Seinfeld says his ”No. 1 fear is public speaking.” I believe if you think of it as a conversation and not a presentation it will be the first step of getting over your nervousness.

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Success Steps

Practice is the number one key to success. The second key critical to delivering your message is having concise talking points. If you put these 6 steps in place you will begin to work your way into becoming a good public speaker:

  • Practice, whether alone or in front of folks in a risk-free environment
  • Join a Toastmasters Club
  • Know your message – what is that you want the audience to remember? Motivation or an action you want them to take?
  • Timing is critical if you have ten minutes – you have ten minutes running over time is not acceptable
  • Know your audience – greet them at the door when they walk in – this will help get to know who they are and this will help ease any nervousness
  • Dress the part. Always look your absolute best

These steps will ensure 90% of the time you will be a confident speaker.

Good Luck!

Question:  Do you have suggestions for overcoming the fear of public speaking?

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