Preparing For The Presentation

This is a guest post by Susan Mowder.  She is the owner of The STYLE Principle, a wardrobe-styling firm based in Chicago, IL. You can find and follow her on her The Style Principle website. 

Dress to Be Seen As You Wish to Be Seen

When making a presentation, what you choose to wear will affect how your audience sees you—literally! The use of color and prints is a great way to instantly grab the eye and say "look here”--just make sure it’s to your advantage!

Dress to be Seen

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  • One color worn head-to-toe will make you look taller.  However, if you opt for too loose a design, it can also make you appear wider as well.
  • Color-blocking two or more colors of the same intensity can give you a balanced, taller silhouette.  However, if one color is brighter or more intense, that area will appear larger.  (Not necessarily a bad thing if you need to balance a wider hip or shoulder.)
  • Overall prints can help hide figure flaws.  However, if the print is out of proportion to your body frame, the imbalance can make a smaller frame look even smaller and a larger frame larger.

For you next presentation, be seen as you wish to be seen--use color and prints to help.

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