How to Practice Positive Self-Talk


So much of the time we act out what we are thinking.  I was having an incredibly rough day, and I found myself turning my day around through inner chatter.  I was practicing positive self-talk.  So, as all good Twitter participants do, I tweeted my thoughts.  One day became two; two became four and then I stopped.  I had worked my way out of the funk. 
Positive Self Talk

Then, @MatthewTForrest tweeted me and suggested I make it a daily ritual.  I cannot quote him exactly, but he said something like “I need to get better at this.”  That was enough for me to make the commitment to do my best to share positive self-talk.  The benefits are huge!  The Mayo Clinic writes that we have to stop negative self-talk to reduce stress. They go so far to say that positive thinking can improve overall health.  Put the power of your subconscious to work for you, change your life by changing your thoughts.  

Examples of Positive Self-Talk:

  • I choose my attitude. Today I can accomplish anything!
  • I am worthy of achieving my aspirations!
  • I will keep my momentum because I am amazing and will accomplish five days of work in four by working smarter!
  • I will achieve today's dreams. I will not be held back
  • Today is a big day. I'm bringing my A-game and will do exceedingly well
  • I'm happy with what I've accomplished this week
  • I will not let today's storms dampen my spirit or limit my achievements. 
  • Getting up with the sun to exercise will not kill me. I am reducing stress while getting stronger & healthier
  • I can speed up now to play hooky this afternoon! It will add to my life quality & be an investment in the whole me
  • I am open to tremendous learning's in my training class today!
  • I am happy being the best me!
  • I will share laughter with those around me as its affect is positively contagious
  • I can make time to workout today because the results improve my performance
  • I will not look at the negative in any situation.  I will find the positive and focus
  • With everyone I encounter, I can choose my response.  Good or bad, I choose good
  • Smile

I really do this every day.  You should try this for a while to see how changing your thoughts benefits your overall well-being.


Question:  What is your go-to positive self-talk mantra?

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