How to Overcome the Unexpected


We are over 70 days into the New Year.  How are you doing with your goals?  Has an unexpected event derailed your focus?

I have my 2015 plan, and it includes a lot I am going to accomplish (like that active statement?  I am going to accomplish).  The first thing out of the gate was the launch of my new website.  It was a quiet launch originally planned for late 2014 that would allow QA testing while you were celebrating holidays with your friends and family.  It didn't launch until late January, and the developers are still working on 'bugs'.  So, what to do?


Overcome the Unexpected

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I can cry, yell, or stomp my feet.  Or, I can keep working my plan realizing that stuff happens beyond my control.  It's easy to become paralyzed or thrown completely off track when a simple plan hits a speed bump.  Here is how to keep moving.


1.  Pay Attention to Your Internal Dialog.  

This simple reminder can be the difference between melt down and progress.  Pessimism or bad attitude can slow us down, sometimes to the point of stopping. Use positive self-talk statements to remind yourself of the importance of your attitude in dealing with every situation.  If you believe you can, you will.  


2.  Review Your Plan.  

Don't do something for the sake of staying busy.  It's not a time to willy-nilly check things off your to-do list.  We naturally gravitate to the easy to do, but often lesser value activities.  

Pause and make sure you are spending your time doing the best activity to continue the momentum toward your primary goals for the year.  Review how you are going to spend your next hour or day against your goals to ensure your time is spent on progress.


3. Don't Wait, Do Something.  

Now that you have reviewed your plan and re-prioritized your short term activities to focus on the next best thing, get started.  Activity creates activity, which restores energy. Don't put off until tomorrow what should be done today.  

My mom has repeatedly said "I'm going to go do something, even if it is wrong."  For years, I parroted my mother.  Once I became focused on goal management and learned how to achieve more in less time, I changed her phrase to "I'm going to go do something, an important something." [tweet this]


Don't let the unexpected destroy what you want to achieve.  Use these three steps to conquer the distraction.


Question:  Have any unexpected events derailed your focus?  

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