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This is a guest post by Melissa Heisler.  She is a Stress Reduction Expert.  She is also the host of the Empowerment Show weekly podcast.  You can find and follow her on her It's My Life, Inc. website or at @ItsMyLifeInc on Twitter.

The fear of failure can hold us back.  The feeling of failure can break our spirit and damage our self-confidence.  What would happen if we never failed?  What power would we have if the fear of failure never broke our stride?  How would our self-esteem grow if we never felt the bite of failure? What if we never felt as if we failed?


Never Fail - Business Planning
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It is possible to live a life without failure.  It is possible to live free from the worry of failure.  It is possible to see every event in our business life moving us forward to better and better.  To reach this state of nirvana there are two basic skills to acquire, focusing on the objectives and embracing lessons.
Focus on Objectives
There are three key parts of projects and business plans: objectives, strategies, and tactics. Objectives are our overall goals.  Strategies are the ways we are going to try to accomplish those goals.  Usually there are three to five strategies created to accomplish each objective.  Tactics are the daily tasks moving the strategies along.
Failure comes from looking at the short-term versus seeing the whole picture.  Often we are focusing on the tactics, those small to-do’s which move a project forward.  The problem with this is that every tactic becomes a possibility for failure. Alternatively, we focus on the strategy and feel that we have failed when an adopted strategy does not pan out, but we forget that we have other strategies that may reach our objective. When we focus on tactics or strategies, we lose sight of what we really want, our objective.  
The truth is tactics are simply to-do’s not ended results.  We have multiple strategies to ensure that one will create the success for which we are seeking.  Both tactics and strategies are temporary and transitory. They are only steps and processes to achieve our objective.  Reduce your possibility for failure by using only the accomplishment of your objective as the judge of your success or failure.  
Embrace Lessons
We have reduced our possibility of failure by focusing only on what truly matters, the objective. However, what happens when we do not succeed in accomplishing our objective?  First determine if the objective was not achieved or has simply not been achieved yet or achieved in our self defined timeline.  Next search what lesson you have learned through the process.  Have you learned how to negotiate better, how to read others, how to improve meeting deadlines, or a host of other lessons? Review how this lesson will make your chances for future success more possible. 
Sometimes the success is not the completion of an objective but success is the acquisition of personal building blocks that will be the foundation of years and years of future successes. Never fail again by focusing on objectives and lessons and see how they launch you into a stream of true success.
Question:  What do you do to accomplish your objectives?

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