Module #2: Moving Up the Ladder

Career Ladder

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You’re at a point in your career where you’ve mastered your current position and are ready to reach for the next rung on the ladder (or perhaps you’ve recently been promoted). Congratulations! This module provides tips, skills, and advice for elevating your game and preparing for the leadership or management level.


Track 1: Getting Ready for the Promotion



Five Paths to Professional Development

Building Better Business Relationships

Present Yourself With Confidence

Six Simple Ideas for Self Promotion

Ask for What You Want


Track 2: Presenting Yourself as a Candidate



Career Transformation

Communicate with Confidence

When You Know Your Worth, Everyone Else Does Too

A Woman's Guide to Successful Negotiating



Inspiring Stories


Track 3: The First 100 Days in a New Position



The Manager Relationship

Self Recognition

Getting Along

Politeness and Manners in the Workplace


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