Launching a Leadership Revolution


Sooner or later, we are all called upon to lead. Whether at your job or in your home, in your community or in your church, one day you will need to step up and take control.

When that time comes, will you be ready?


Launching a Leadership Revolution

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About the Book

Launching Leadership Revolution


Launching a Leadership Revolution shares the secrets of what it takes to build not just one leader, but a whole team of them. Those leaders will go out and find new leaders to influence, and the effects will eventually span the globe. Among other powerful insights and strategies for effective leadership, you’ll learn the 5 Levels of Influence:

  • Learning. A powerful leader must be willing and able to learn from ANYONE!
  • Performance. You’ve got to be ready to hang on steadfastly through failures and set-backs in order to find and achieve success.
  • Leading. You need to learn not only how to lead, but how to extend your influence by broadening the scope of your leadership.
  • Developing Leadership in Others. One of the most important parts of learning to develop leadership skills in other people is learning how to trust them meet your needs.
  • Legacy Building. By learning to groom others for leadership, and how to train them to groom others still, not only will you end your days as a trusted, well-respected leader, you’ll leave a leadership legacy behind you that could last for millennia!


Q & A with the Author

Launching a Leadership Revolution is co-authored by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward. They offer a detailed examination of what defines a leader, the qualities necessary to fulfilling the role and the common path previous leaders have traveled toward achieving personal greatness. Chris was kind enough to share some additional insights when I reached out to him with some leadership questions.

Diahann Boock:  

I'm paraphrasing, but essentially the book suggests that you are a leader regardless of any position or title you hold.  Can you talk a little about the long-term success of those that seek leadership for the perceived benefits of power versus helping solve problems?


Chris Brady:  

Leadership is a term that means many things to many people. For some, it conjures images of people in authority who are assigned fancy titles, for others, it represents those born into roles of command. The reality, however, is that all of us are called upon to lead at some point, and many points, in our lives.  Everyone must lead sooner or later.  The question isn't whether or not one is a leader, but rather, when the time for leadership is required, will the person be ready?  People lead in large and small ways throughout their lives.  Most, however, aren't realizing the impact they are having and don't equip themselves as they should.  This is the reason Orrin Woodward and I wrote Launching a Leadership Revolution: to equip people of all walks of life with the ability to lead more effectively.

Unfortunately, the ranks of authority seem to be filled with those hungry for power, prestige, and perks.  This is not true leadership.  Real leaders are servers, and seek to accomplish things above and beyond their selfish interests.  What we find more generally in the lives of true leaders, as described above, is service to others, sacrifice, and leading by example.  These don't sound attractive at first.  But leaders are motivated more by results and causes and purposes than by selfish pursuits.  We describe this in the book in detail through a concept we call the Three Levels of Motivation.

In summary, leaders are found everywhere leadership is required.  There is no stereotypical leader; there are only those called upon to lead.  The best leaders are reluctant, seeking higher purposes and the benefit of others over self.


Diahann Boock:  

You provide a leadership growth framework, Five Levels of Influence.  Can you discuss how this might change based on where you are in the ascension process (just starting out versus seasoned professional)?


Chris Brady:  

Leadership is a deep and fascinating topic.  One reason for this is the many responsibilities leaders carry as they grow in influence.  The nature of their work changes as they rise through what Orrin and I call The Five Levels of Influence.  In the beginning, a leader is equipped with  nothing more than his or her hunger to affect the status quo in a positive way.  The first step is to become a student.  This is Level One.  Learning, however, is not productive until applied to some activity.  This is where Level Two, performing, comes in.  A budding leader applies what he or she learns to increase his or her ability to perform.  This leads to Level Three, where the leader's performance example causes others to follow.  This is the first-time leadership is occurring, as others are being influenced, and their behavior is affected.  Level Four is more rare.  It involves intentionally developing other leaders.  By taking this step, a leader amplifies his or her influence by developing leadership ability in another.  And finally, Level Five is the pinnacle.  It involves systematically developing leaders who can develop other leaders. 

This is merely a quick survey of the concept of Levels of Influence.  Obviously, a complete explanation is available in the book.  However, it should be obvious that the role of a leader and his or her actual activities, are different according to where he or she is operating on this continuum.  In fact, in the book we describe the "art" and the "science" components of each of the Five Levels of Influence.  "Science" is the cookie-cutter steps, the 1 -2 -3 of what to do to lead.  "Art" is the intrinsic, non-specific touch a leader uniquely brings to the process.  As one rises in leadership, more "art" and less "science" is required.


Diahann Boock:  

If you could pinpoint one key piece of leadership advice you would share with our visitors, what would it be?


Chris Brady:  

The biggest thing I would tell anyone regarding leadership is this: Find a cause to live for and give yourself to it wholeheartedly.  This will birth a hunger inside you to be more effective in your pursuit.  This hunger is the starting point of effective leadership.

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 About the Author

Chris BradyChris Brady obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University (formerly GMI) and a master's degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering on General Motors Fellowship from Carnegie Mellon University. He conducted his Master's thesis at Toyohashi University, Japan. Mr. Brady co-wrote the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Weekly, USA Today, and Money Magazine best-seller, Launching a Leadership Revolution. He also authors a highly entertaining and popular blog, and has spoken to audiences of thousands around the world about leadership, success, and freedom.

Mr. Brady has been a long term member of the Policy Council of the Team, a leadership development service provider, and has functioned as its Director of All Brand Marketing since its inception. He has also appeared in Networking Times magazine, as well as special publications of Success and Success at Home. Mr. Brady is an avid motorized adventurer, private pilot, world traveler, community builder, author, speaker, humorist, historian, sports fan, and patriot. He has one of the world's most unique resumes; including experience with a live bug in his ear, walking through a paned-glass window, chickening out from the high-dive in elementary school, destroying the class ant-farm in third grade, losing a spelling bee on the word "use," jack-hammering his foot, and more recently - sinking his snowmobile in a lake. He and his wife Terri have four children and live the Rascal lifestyle in Michigan and Florida.

Together as Business Partners Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward were senior engineers in the automotive industry before connecting as business partners in an Internet commerce company. They have worked together for over a decade building a multi-million dollar business that has been recognized among the fastest growing in the industry for six straight years. They have spoken to audiences on four continents teaching business principles and success. Their first book, Leading the Consumer Rebellion, became a best-seller in its first year. Visit them at Launching a Leadership Revolution.


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