KontakTid is Officially Open!

I am so pleased to announce that KontakTid has arrived.  My team has been working on it for months and I’m excited to share it with you.  


WHAT DOES IT DO?  Watch this video and learn more.



This product is designed specifically for the solo and small business owner.  No more trying to use other systems that are designed for medium and large businesses that “may” work for your business. KontakTid is designed exclusively for the solo and small business market.  You're going to like this.

Time and time again people ask what they can do to make follow-up networking less complicated and time-consuming. This is a real issue for entrepreneurs.  And now we have the solution.

Want to be an expert and consistent with follow-up networking every single day?  Now is your chance; KontakTid is the online follow-up networking tool designed to help you take your business to the next level.


WHO'S IT FOR? KontakTid is for those who want to increase sales. Perhaps you have a large and active network and need help keeping up.  Perhaps you have a growing network and want to demonstrate your value.  Perhaps you want to spend more time connecting and less time networking. You know that extending, growing, and nurturing your network is what you need to boost sales. There is help, and we want you to join us!


Here's what you get from KontakTid:


STRUCTURE:  A proven methodology and process for staying connected to the people you meet and enhancing your sales efforts.  Did we mention this is automated for you?   All you do is open your email and contact the connections we remind you about. You will become a follow-up networking machine, in no time.


SIMPLICITY: Let's face it:  Sales is hard.  It's a hustle.  While growing sales is one of the most important things you do, you are also the person who provides your product or service.  You need a solution to grow sales that is fast, simple, and effective.  You want to be up and running, now! Once you're in the KontakTid community, you are set up and running in minutes.


BEST PRACTICES:  You don't have to do it alone. KontakTid provides the springboard to take your network to the next level, and we don’t stop there. We provide a reminder service, sales and networking suggestions, tutorial videos, reports and dashboards, tools you can use, articles, videos, newsletters, and more.

And, when you join KontakTid now, after a 30-day free trial, the cost is only $15 per month (paid annually).  We have 50 spaces at this 60% discounted price, and when they are gone, they are gone. We will never offer this introductory deal again.  That's less than one networking lunch a month!


Let's all have some FUN!

Diahann & The KontakTid Team

P.S.  To complement the website, we are also launching a private FB group, a FUN company for inspiration, motivation, and sales and networking tips.

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