When You Know Your Worth, Everyone Else Does Too

This is a guest post by Susan Loraine Barker.  She is a certified life coach and has co-authored the book Pearls of Wisdom; 30 inspirational ideas to live your best life nowwith Jack Canfield and Marci Shimoff.   You can find and follow her on her at The Mandala Coach website.

Appreciation and acknowledgment is wonderful to receive, is it not? Unfortunately, it is not always thought of or given, at home or work. Sometimes it even feels like it is deliberately withheld. And that doesn’t feel good. We feel the need and desire to be recognized, valued and appreciated. And we certainly deserve to be and in a perfect world we would be.

Know Your Worth

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How Strong is Your Self-Worth?

There is only one real reason I know of why we might not receive the accolades we deserve. No, it isn’t that the company doesn’t want to give out raises and bonuses. It isn’t that they are worried you will relax and stop giving your best effort. It’s that you could use some strengthening of your self-worth. The benevolent universe always shows you where you could use some strengthening and most of us could use an increase in the self-worth department. When you are feeling the desire for acknowledgment and appreciation, you can take back your power by giving it to yourself. And I don’t mean in arrogance. There is a huge difference between arrogance and appreciation, and the difference is powerful. Arrogance masks fear and is a call for the power of appreciation and love. Appreciation is heartfelt, expansive, and powerful love.

When you notice that ugly feeling in your gut that you lack in the acknowledgment and appreciation department, know that is exactly true. You lack self-love. When you give yourself the acknowledgment and appreciation you are lacking, then it becomes less and less important whether or not you get it outside of yourself. When it is not important to get it from outside of yourself, you exude value, confidence and worth. Then what happens? People agree that you are valuable and worthy because people mirror for us what we believe about ourselves. You have the power to change your perception of yourself, and that in turn changes the perception of those around you. You are never powerless!

A bonus is that you can spread the love and appreciation. When you know your value and worth, you no longer need to expend energy trying to get acknowledged. You can use that energy to acknowledge and appreciate others, which brings me to another universal law of our benevolent universe; you must be willing to give what you wish to receive.

The Simple Truth

When my marriage was newer, one of the problems that we had was that neither of us felt appreciated for all the ways in which we served each other. No amount of talking about it, tears, whining or anything else ever helped this on-going problem. What finally resolved it was when I decided to appreciate my husband. I remember the exact moment in the laundry room when I decided to fold my husband’s clothes, despite the fact that I didn’t feel it was appreciated. I folded his clothes with love because I appreciated him. That was the turning point. How did he respond? He expressed his gratitude. Wow! That’s all I had wanted. The more I appreciate him, the more he appreciates me. How simple is that?

The more sincere acknowledgment and appreciation you give out, the more will return to you, and the only way to give sincere appreciation is to be in a state of gratitude and love. Your cup must be full with self-love and appreciation. Acknowledge and appreciate your innate worth and change all your relationships at home and work for the better.

Question:  Do your feelings of self-worth impact your life?

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