Got Personal Style?

This is a guest post by Susan Mowder.  She is the owner of The STYLE Principle, a wardrobe-styling firm based in Chicago, IL. You can find and follow her on her The Style Principle website. 

For years, studies have shown correlations between what you wear, and how others perceive you, as well as how you feel about yourself.  So, what is the best outfit for you to wear to reflect the intelligent, creative, sophisticated, approachable, confident, and/or capable you?  The answer often requires one additional piece of information – knowing your personal style.

Personal Styles

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Personal style is that common theme to how you express yourself in the aesthetic elements of your life.  It often affects the look of your home, the type of car you choose, and most noticeably, the way you dress. The more these areas reflect your true personal style, the more comfortable and confident you feel in them.

Though we are all wonderfully unique individuals, most people’s personal style is based in one of five categories.  Each views clothes, and the role they play, differently.  Due to professional and lifestyle demands, it is common for people to be a combination of two styles, and/or change over the years.


The Classic

The best word to describe a Classic is appropriate.  They prefer a pulled together outfit featuring traditional styles, and are always befitting to their surroundings.  Quality versus quantity is the motto.  They know who they are.  Others perceive them as in control, organized, and believable.  

Classic Stylers: Diane Sawyer, George Clooney, Kate Middleton 


The Casual

The Casual is all about being practical and easy.  Often active and on-the-go, it is important that their clothes be functional for the task at hand.  They are comfortable in their own skin.  Others see them as unpretentious, natural, and easy-going.

Casual Stylers: Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Aniston


The Romantic/ Manly

The Romantic/ Manly epitomize the traditionally feminine/masculine look.   While some Romantic ladies reflect their femininity in a demure, soft and sweet manner, others prefer a more overtly sexy style.  The Manly men also can be reflected in 2 ways – the rugged, strong man’s man or the alluring, “all man” type.  They often smell as good as they look, and others see them as effortlessly enchanting.

Romantic/Manly Stylers: Nicole Kidman, Tom Selleck, Pamela Anderson


The Chic

The Chic’s goal is to be seen!  They have a flair for putting outfits together and often receive compliments on their striking appearance.  They feel on the inside as confident and powerful as they look on the outside.  Others see them as sophisticated and fashion forward, and often wish to emulate their style.

Chic Stylers: Michelle Obama, David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez  


The Innovative

To the Innovative, clothing is art.   Their clothes are a part of their creative expression – unique to their spirit and current mood.  They “march to their own beat” and have no problem wearing clothes in non-traditional ways.  Others see them as fun, interesting, and often can’t wait to see what they will do or wear next.

Innovative Stylers: Gwen Stephanie, Diane Keaton, Johnny Depp


You already know that what you wear affects how you feel about yourself.  You already know that dressing in your personal style makes you feel more comfortable and confident.  Thus, by developing a wardrobe that truly reflects your personal style, you can feel comfortable and confident in your “clothing skin” every day!  


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