Empowering Passion

This is a guest post by Melissa Heisler.  She is a Stress Reduction Expert.  She is also the host of the Empowerment Show weekly podcast.  You can find and follow her on her It's My Life, Inc. website or at @ItsMyLifeInc on Twitter.


The other day I was speaking to a group of clinical psychologists who are building their practices. When they talked of their one-on-one work, they lit up with passion and joy.  The love of their craft and helping others shown through every word, nuance, and expression.  When the conversation turned to passing certification, creating a website, networking, and building their practice, a palatable cloud of gloom hovered over them.  The discussion turned from joy to fear.  They were all stuck in procrastination mode.  What happened?

Empowering Passion

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The easy answer is that their job changed from play to work.  eWithout passion, motivation is lacking and very hard to summon

With Passion, Comes Motivation

In choosing one’s career, hopefully the focus was to find something we are passionate about whether it is the task, cause, environment or results.  However, even with the perfect position, there will always be those parts of the job which are less than desirable.  What to do then?  The answer is to infuse every aspect of your job with passion.  With passion, comes motivation.  Here are a few quick ideas to turn a procrastinated burden into an effective and fun piece of joy.

  • Look at the big picture.  Try to focus on how the task helps you accomplish your overall goals about which you are passionate.  Bringing the task out of its meaningless monotony and seeing how important it is to the project as a whole can help you create the energy to move forward.  
  • Find one element of the task you can find joy.  For instance, recording transactions in Quickbooks is one of the least satisfying tasks for me.  However, I have found a simple joy in hearing the audio “bleep” upon completion of each transaction.  It is silly, but it gets me through.
  • Cut down the task into easy to accomplish pieces.  Sometimes the joy is sucked out of a task because it appears daunting and overwhelming.  By breaking it up into small bite-sized pieces, it is much easier to keep the project going.
  • Don’t wait till the last minute.  Monthly reports were the nemesis for most of the employees at the company at which I used to work.  Many associates had worked long hours the night before they were due.  Me?  I kept the framework of the report on my desktop at all times which made it easy for me to jot notes throughout the month as to what was accomplished and what issues were raised.  The day before it was due, all I needed to do was edit, not start from scratch. 
  • Just play.  Turn on your favorite music.  Hum a tune.  Attack your project as an eight-year-old.  Use different colored pens or fonts.  Find ways to instill creativity and play then watch as the procrastination is replaced by joy.
  • For those joyless tasks, provide yourself with a reward after completing it.  If you can not enjoy the act of completing it, at least you can enjoy the fact it is complete.


Here are some great resources for bringing passion and play to work:

  • Success Built to Last by Stewart Emery
  • The Passion Test by Chris and Janet Bray Attwood
  • Playfair.com


Question:  What are your best tips for staying motivated?

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