Corporate and Group Events

Are you looking to hold an event or seminar for your company, organization, or women's business resource group? Diahann Boock Consulting is pleased to offer a range of seminar and group events that will kick start dialogue and help your team reach the next level.



Corporate and Group Events

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Some of the most popular seminars include:


CEO Of Me Public and Corporate Career Workshop & Conference.

Are you determined to achieve the career and life you desire?  Are you ready for your revolution from struggling employee to successful business person? If you answered “yes,” then Diahann Boock Consulting's “CEO of Me” is the seminar for you. This series of career workshops is designed to bring these concepts to life. 


What’s In It For You?   The CEO of ME is all about the business of YOU.  We’ve designed a solution to provide you tools and techniques to take charge of your life and career.


What are people saying?    "100% of participants said they would recommend 'CEO of ME' to a friend or colleague." 



Dynamic Communication™ Seminar.  

In order to understand your relationships with other people, you must first understand yourself. Great achievers throughout history have one thing in common—they know themselves, really well. The Dynamic Communication Seminar was designed to help people win and achieve a greater degree of success in life and work. 


What’s In It For You?  A 4-6 hour informative and synergistic workshop based on the behavioral-based DISC model. It will help you know yourself and others to improve communication and relationships. Understanding and applying the knowledge of DISC is sure to have a life-long impact, both on and off the job.


Your Attitude Is Showing™ Seminar.  

Have you ever experienced a “difference in opinion” with a coworker or manager? What about a workplace “ethical dilemma?” On a fairly frequent basis, most people face these situations that are simply a conflict of values between themselves and another individual or group. This conflict can’t be avoided, but it can be minimized by understanding how to clearly see others’ points of view. Once you learn to see the world from their perspective, you can improve communication with others and your relationship.


What’s In It For You?  You’ll learn how our attitudes shape the way we see the world. This 4-hour workshop explores our motivators, and how they impact job satisfaction and working relationships. It will help people communicate better and sell more effectively. 


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Dynamic Solutions:

A variety of customized corporate services are available for your leaders.  This could be a combination of programs offerings that best complement and support ongoing corporate efforts.  

Example:  1:1 Consulting 


This customized solution is the key for executives that need both 1:1 guidance, as well as a wealth of self-development tools. 

  Example:  Workshop /Networking / Small Group Consulting


This combination is a kick-off soft-skill development event, with a targeted focus of growing and developing networking skills (both internally and externally).


Customized Seminars:

In addition to the standard options listed above, we can customize seminars, workshops and keynotes to support your corporate initiatives or address specific challenge areas. 


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Executive Coaching

I want to take the business of me to the next level!  I’m looking for an executive coach that will provide hands-on instruction, feedback and counseling to help me move my career and business forward. I need someone who will check in with me on a regular basis! I want to make more money!

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