Silent Career Killer: Complacency

What gets you there doesn’t keep you there. Not long ago you may have been in the perfect position.  You liked what you were doing, and you were learning all the new and different aspects of the role.  Each task slightly reached beyond your comfort zone, and you were excited by the challenge. 


Career Killer Complacency

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Over time, it happened.  You learned and mastered all the intricacies of your position.  The pride you felt in your achievements and the excitement in your performance quietly slipped away.  You didn’t even realize it happened.  The role, like your favorite sweatshirt, felt comfortable.

This can be avoided by:

  • Not expecting your past achievements to carry you forward forever.  Treat each day as a new start, with new opportunities to conquer
  • Keeping your skills up-to-date by seeking training or professional courses to keep your skills sharp.  Here are some videos and podcasts to get you started
  • Proactively looking for areas / programs / projects needing improvement, not waiting for others to point them out

Question: How do you avoid complacency in your work?

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