How I Plan to Change Things up in 2015!


Exciting Website Announcement!

It has been a long time coming – the decision to consolidate my efforts under one brand here at Diahann Boock Consulting. I have emotional ties to the Women’s Ally brand from 20 plus years in the corporate world and my passion for helping women succeed.  Upon reflection, surveys, long discussions, efficiency and time management concerns, I realize that the Women’s Ally site and the coaching and consulting work I perform in a gender agnostic environment are complementary and an extension of my original vision.  It is time to go bigger and broader.  The mission is to help those who want to invest in themselves, increase their ROE (Return on Energy), achieve success, and make more money.  I want to assist people in achieving higher returns.


Change things up

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What Does this Mean?  

Diahann Boock Consulting will focus and continue to deliver concepts, ideas, tools, and techniques that will propel the business of you.  I will push you in a variety of areas to focus on yourself, not just what you do, but, more importantly, how you do it.  Let’s face it; I cannot do what you do.  You are the expert.  However, I will help you be aware of how you do things and, as your partner, hold you to accountable every step of the way.  I will share industry shifts, market trends, skills that differentiate, and routines that generate both energy and activity in your career.  It always comes back to how – and how is the difference between good and great.


How do we get There?

Everyone learns differently.  First and foremost is client focus – helping you get from where you are to where you want to be.  Consistent article publishing is key and the tent pole of the brand.  Also in development are a series of online courses focusing on precise and unambiguous skills that influence how to achieve greatness. These courses will be for those of you who prefer independent study, are highly organized and disciplined.  


When will this Happen?

February is when this will be shifting into high gear.  The timeline is currently as the mercy of the developer, who has run into a few technical issues.  As soon as they give me the green light, we will be ready for take off!


Question:  Are there particular topics you would like to discuss? 

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Executive Coaching

I want to take the business of me to the next level!  I’m looking for an executive coach that will provide hands-on instruction, feedback and counseling to help me move my career and business forward. I need someone who will check in with me on a regular basis! I want to make more money!

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