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"I can't..." "I don't..."I won't..." "It isn't..."  I hear phrases that start with these words all the time.  Heck, I even used to start phrases with those words myself. We all have moments of doubt, fear, concern, and frustration.  It must be prevalent, or there wouldn't be almost 45,000 results in books on Amazon when you search attitude.


Choose Your Attitude 

Many people enjoy the great success of getting those words out of their vocabulary.  They realize that how they look at things impacts the outcome.  I get asked all the time how I am in this continuous loop of happiness.  I know that how I think about things influences my actions and my results.  I practice positive self-talk, every minute of every day.

I'm told there are three types of attitudes:  positive, negative, and neutral.  I see both positive and negative on a daily basis - I can't remember ever meeting someone that was neutral.  Doesn't mean it doesn't exist, just not one I've ever encountered.  

In practice, I work with a variety of people in different life-stages, different professions, and all with different goals. Based on my observation, those that either have a positive attitude or work toward a positive attitude achieve more.  I'm sure you are asking "more, what?"  More of everything.  More energy, money, happiness, friends, and love to name a few. What they are putting out...they are getting back.

So, I decided to write an eBook of Attitude Tweets.  It's called Choose Your Attitude Tweets - Stop Waiting for Things to Happen, go out and Make Them Happen in 140 Characters or Less.

You can either read them as a self-reminder to help with your self-talk or you can tweet or facebook them to share with your sphere of influence.  Since Twitter limits the number of characters in a tweet to 140, that set the boundary.  There are 140 tweets.  Each tweet has less than 140 characters.  

Let's start a movement

Use the hashtag (#).  In tweets where there is room include #attitude.  Increase others awareness of the effects of attitude, and you will be doing them a big favor.  Remember, what you put out there, you get back!

Where do you get this eBook?

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All you need to do if fill in the form below.  Once you do that and confirm your subscription, I will email you this amazing, FREE resource.  It's that easy.


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What you couldn't do before you'll be able to do tomorrow [tweet this].

Don't waste any more time with "I can't..." "I don't..."I won't..." "It isn't...".  Get my free eBook now and change your attitude.


Question:  What's the biggest influence on your attitude?

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