The Art of Business Dressing

This is a guest post by Susan Mowder.  She is the owner of The STYLE Principle, a wardrobe-styling firm based in Chicago, IL. You can find and follow her on her The Style Principle website. 

Within the first few seconds of meeting someone—especially in business—you are subconsciously asking yourselves if the other person “looks the part.”  If they do--you confidently move forward, anticipating that their words and actions will reinforcement your first impression.  If they do not --you tend to question a person’s credibility and look for the incongruities in what they say.

Art of Business Dressing 

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As you plot and plan to acquire the necessary skills to advance your career do not forget the importance of acquiring the right wardrobe, so, you consistently look the part throughout the journey.  Contrary to popular belief, the process can be simple, cost efficient, and painless.  The secrets to mastering business dressing are as easy as 1-2-3.


STEP 1: Build It 

Start by developing a core wardrobe where every piece is reflective of your personal style.  Since these are the pieces you will wear on a regular basis season after season, buy the best quality you can afford.  Also, invest in flattering, classic styles versus the current trends.  Once acquired, have your core pieces fitted by a tailor.  Remember, clothes are made for the masses, a tailor with make them fit you!  The most cost effective way to expand your core wardrobe is by purchasing coordinating pieces.  Eight pieces can yield just 4 unique outfits whereas eight coordinating pieces can be mixed-and-matched to create 12 outfits.  Another way to maximize wear is to aim for the ratio of 3 tops per bottom.  


STEP 2: Finish It 

To consistently exude a polished, confident look, add “the third piece.”  The addition of a coordinating belt, fun shoe, and/or a unique piece of jewelry will reinforce the image you wish to project.  Think of it like adding a great ribbon to a wrapped package—without - it still works but with - it says so much more.  


STEP 3: Commit to It

Smile--it says that you believe in you, and they should too! 


 Question:  What's your secret to a successful business wardrobe?  

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